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History of Mens Citizen Watches

Citizen knows that the most well-known and also the largest watchmaker in the world. They are responsible for about 22 percent in place of hours produced in all parts of the world. In 1996, produced 240 million hours of the citizen. This is a great success for the company of watches citizen, but she does not deserve all the praise they get to produce the most excellent watches that are made using only the finest materials and work only artisan talents on clocks to ensure they are made available to the public in high quality.

Transformed habitat new engine technology quartz watch industry. With solar cells on demand, environmental citizen drive watches never need to change the battery. The complexity and craftsmanship is always associated with high-end mechanical watches is to get a run for their money from the citizens. Unlike most quartz watches, you can calibrate the Autoquartz to increase accuracy. Has developed the Swatch Group and the citizen, and made the proposal on energy quartz movements. With the movement of the first to break the "barrier of one millimeter" Citizen Quartz 790, smallest Women's World 1980 analog quartz watches "citizen quartz 1500" in the world.

* Citizen In 1936, upon completion of the factory, and began Citizen Watch Company to export several hours of the citizen.

* Directed the company to become more successful and the company in 1953, the Rhythm Watch Company, a subsidiary of Citizen Watch, and provide a wider market for watches citizen.

* In 1960, he arrived Citizen Watch Company signed an agreement to export to India, and in 1962 was a citizen's Watch, which is exported to Hong Kong.

* Introduced in 1976, was a citizen of solar cells Crystron Quartz Watch the world's first analog quartz watch to the use of sunlight as a source of primary energy.

* In 1978, the Yemeni hours more breakthroughs Design: Citizen 709, analog control with super-slim quartz movement that broke the barrier of 1 millimeter.

* The Citizen Watch is developing very quickly, and in 1996, and the Eco-Drive got a prize.

Citizen Quartz range includes wrist watches for men and women in a variety of wonderful. Hours chronograph citizen is the innovation in technology, quartz, see the world's thinnest LCD in the early hours of technical diving with electronic sensors and depth in the first place with them. Citizen divers watches are the ultimate choice for sophisticated time piece. Quartz movement with a long-term, and of the Citizen Promaster watch sports and the big hand and signs that glow, and how I came up with feature tracks how much time has passed. Drive its technology has environmental reserve for a period of six months in power.

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